firefox development process changes

Gregory Szorc gps at
Mon Aug 11 20:37:47 UTC 2014

On 8/11/14 12:33 PM, Gijs Kruitbosch wrote:
> On 11/08/2014 19:42, Richard Newman wrote:
>> My 2¢ on the whole thing: when I hear "daily status updates" I think
>> "man, am I glad to be on the mobile team".
> I'm not on the mobile team so I can't say that.
> But it's been 12 days since the initial email went out and a week since
> the start of the first new cycle with this requirement. Only 6 engineers
> have posted something since last week (disclaimer: myself included), and
> none of us have posted something at the start of every day so far
> (although 2 people came close, myself not included). Out of 20-odd
> engineers. Interpret that how you like as to how much those of us on the
> desktop team like it...

I didn't even realize daily updates were on the table! That fact was 
buried on the second sentence of the 5th item in a list and I completely 
skimmed over it. I would expect a major change to workflow to be 
underscored more clearly. I assume it was mentioned in meetings (that I 
missed because I've been caught up in relocation chaos).

I think daily updates are a bit excessive. I have concerns about the 
spam (I already discard most status update emails because very few 
relate to me). If we are going the daily route, I'd rather we 
pre-populate as much as possible from tools and leave the frequency an 
individual-level and circumstances-dependent variable.

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