firefox development process changes

Gijs Kruitbosch gijskruitbosch at
Mon Aug 11 20:22:22 UTC 2014

On 11/08/2014 21:19, Matthew N. wrote:
> In the 2nd meeting, Gavin referenced this thread and mak's comments 
> and said something to the effect of: "We should sort out the concerns 
> before everyone has to do daily updates". I and others interpreted 
> that to mean that we weren't required to start daily updates yet. 
> Matthew N. 
Oh! I must have missed that, perhaps because I was on PTO the week this 
was announced? Or do you mean the "late" iteration meeting on Tuesday? 
If so, considering the majority of us were in the first meeting, it 
would have been useful if this had somehow been communicated more broadly...

~ Gijs

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