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Gijs Kruitbosch gijskruitbosch at
Mon Aug 11 19:33:26 UTC 2014

On 11/08/2014 19:42, Richard Newman wrote:
> My 2¢ on the whole thing: when I hear "daily status updates" I think "man, am I glad to be on the mobile team".

I'm not on the mobile team so I can't say that.

But it's been 12 days since the initial email went out and a week since 
the start of the first new cycle with this requirement. Only 6 engineers 
have posted something since last week (disclaimer: myself included), and 
none of us have posted something at the start of every day so far 
(although 2 people came close, myself not included). Out of 20-odd 
engineers. Interpret that how you like as to how much those of us on the 
desktop team like it...

When I asked about the reasoning upthread, Gavin responded:

>> We will eliminate the Tuesday status meetings entirely
> A meeting just didn't seem to be working very well to track status,
> and it seemed tedious for the people attending to have to sit around
> while other people provided detailed updates. Eliminating the meeting
> and shifting to async status reporting seemed better overall (more
> effective and less burdensome).

Which paradoxically provides a reasoning why the Tuesday meeting was 
eliminated, but not why we now should be spending time on on this *every 
day* instead. Doing so (and I suspect this is the main reason for the 
reluctance) is just as, if not more, tedious than a once-every-two-week 

~ Gijs

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