firefox development process changes

Richard Newman rnewman at
Mon Aug 11 18:42:18 UTC 2014

In case folks didn't know about this, wikimo supports various bug list tags.

We use these for the mobile team's very lightweight status process. These generate a reasonable slice of Bugzilla without any pain: e.g.,

is generated from 


* Assorted crash fixes, locale fixes, library load fixes ...
* Reviewing stumbler, cloudsync, share.
* Opining on some search stuff.
* Poking on all kinds of things. Spinning plates.

{{bugpast|rnewman at}}
====Working on====
{{bugpresent|rnewman at}}

My 2¢ on the whole thing: when I hear "daily status updates" I think "man, am I glad to be on the mobile team".

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