firefox development process changes -- motivation/goals?

Gavin Sharp gavin at
Mon Aug 11 15:17:56 UTC 2014

Let's give it another meeting or two before drawing too many
conclusions, but we can undo this meeting consolidation in the future
if it proves to be worse for meeting length.


On Fri, Aug 8, 2014 at 6:19 AM, Georg Fritzsche
<georg.fritzsche at> wrote:
> On 07 Aug 2014, at 21:02, Gavin Sharp <gavin at> wrote:
>>> We will eliminate the "Eastern" planning meeting
>> There ended up being very few people in those meetings, and none of
>> the attendees minded going to the (only slightly earlier) "European"
>> meeting.
> I think the group size for the European meeting is a little big now.
> It’s possible that we’ll get faster walking through things in future weeks, but this weeks meeting consisted of too much waiting.
> Georg
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