Do we have too many ways to search?

Mike Conley mconley at
Mon Aug 11 14:18:31 UTC 2014

I saw somebody tweet this a few days ago:

and it did strike me that there might indeed be a redundancy problem
here. When a user first opens Firefox, by default, they're going to
have 3 inputs for searching (AwesomeBar, search bar, about:home search
input). Same goes for new tabs now.

That's quite a lot of redundancy, and I wonder if it's perhaps too
much. I know there's been a bit of work lately experimenting with
search, and I just wanted to raise this redundancy as a little flag in
case it has somehow slipped past the radar.

Not that redundancy is intrinsically bad, but it is sometimes the
symptom of a deeper problem.

I originally opened this as a bug[1], where there's already been a
little bit of discussion, but after reflection, it was clear that
there wasn't anything immediately actionable in the bug report, so
I've closed the bug and moved the discussion here to expose it to a
wider audience. Perhaps read the bug comments to bring yourself up to
speed on the current state of the discussion.

Are there any additional thoughts on this?



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