Next push on reducing intermittents in browser-chrome - 7 bugs need owners!

Gavin Sharp gavin at
Thu Aug 7 22:21:57 UTC 2014

These bugs are not very glamorous, but they're very important to
keeping our tree green and the check-ins flowing. Chasing these
failures down is difficult and sometimes frustrating. Just think of
this as a great opportunity to get some experience with
tryserver-debugging while contributing to a great cause!


On Mon, Aug 4, 2014 at 4:19 AM, Joel Maher <jmaher at> wrote:
> In bug 992911 we added the ability to run mochitests per directory instead of a single large chunk.  This helps us reduce the impact (random oranges) tests have on each other and gives us faster turnaround when adjusting the chunks we run in automation.
> While this is a possible feature we haven't turned it on due to the failures we see.  Our goal is to turn this on for browser-chrome (not devtools) first.  Many bugs have been fixed, but now we have a few remaining ones which need owners:
> Bug 1041549 - browser_overflow_anchor.js leaks
> Bug 1041569 - browser_windowRestore_perwindowpb.js leaks until shutdown
> Bug 1041594 - browser_mozAudioChannel_muted.js crashes
> Bug 525284 - browser_bug400731.js frequently orange
> Bug 947574 - Intermittent browser_426329.js frequently orange
> Bug 963075 - browser_pdfjs_[main|views].js leaks until shutdown
> Bug 1017187 - browser_yahoo_behavior.js leaks until shutdown
> If we can get folks to fix these bugs, we will be really close to greener pastures on bc* jobs.
> Thanks,
> Joel (:jmaher)
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