PLACES_AUTOCOMPLETE_1ST_RESULT_TIME_MS changes on Nightly since 07/25

Gavin Sharp gavin at
Thu Aug 7 21:45:12 UTC 2014

Interesting - so perhaps not as much of a win as I had thought. It
sounds to me like we might want telemetry on the overall time to
display "all results" (or all "initially visible" results) to get a
better picture of the overall effect of autocomplete changes. I could
see making the first result appear quickly but subsequent results
appear more slowly being a net negative in terms of user perception,
for example.


On Wed, Aug 6, 2014 at 1:02 AM, Marco Bonardo <mbonardo at> wrote:
> On 05/08/2014 21:44, Gavin Sharp wrote:
>> is interesting (discovered via
>> That measure has decreased noticeably across the board. Do we know why?
> The first result now is often the autoFilled result, any other result
> happens after a timer (to avoid querying too often while the user types)
> while autoFill query runs immediately. So now this is basically measuring
> time taken by the autoFill query to fill up the first popup result, while
> previously it was measuring time taken by the first autocomplete query to do
> the same. The good thing is that this way it looks like we are returning
> results faster, so autocomplete will indeed "look" snappier to the user.
> -m
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