firefox development process changes -- motivation/goals?

Gijs Kruitbosch gijskruitbosch at
Thu Aug 7 16:51:55 UTC 2014

(separate email because I think this is a slightly different take on 
this message)

On 30/07/2014 00:41, Gavin Sharp wrote:
> Changes in Iteration 34.2:
> - We will eliminate the Tuesday status meetings entirely. In their 
> place, we will ask all team members to provide daily updates via 
> bsmedberg's status tool. Updates should be short and submitted at the 
> beginning of your day, and mention what you accomplished yesterday, 
> what you plan to do today, and anything you're blocked on. Your 
> updates should include specific status updates for each of the bugs 
> that you're committed to: "work in progress", "in review", or "landed".
> - We will eliminate the "Eastern" planning meeting, and move to having 
> only two planning meetings every other Tuesday (Europe and Pacific).
> - in order to better track the team's progress at a high level, GMC 
> will be reviewing UX bugs and breakdown bugs as they are completed
(I've snipped out the bits that (AFAICT) had a motivation in the first 
line of the email or included with the changes, id est to reduce "Carry 
over" work and to ensure that we don't do estimation in the Tuesday 

The remaining 3 changes in this email (quoted above) were announced 
without a (to me!) clear motivation[0]. Can you elaborate on why these 
change are being made and/or what their goal(s) is/are?

~ Gijs

[0] The last one implies that the motivation is to "track the team's 
progress at a high level", and the action is "reviewing UX & breakdown 
bugs" - but it is not clear to me what either the motivation boils down 
to (ie what is the problem being solved) nor what the action is (what 
kind of review, leading to what consequences?). I accept this might be 
more of a misunderstanding on my part, but I would appreciate 
clarification all the same. :-)

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