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ATI-Leonel Salazar Videaux, Especialista B Informática leonel at
Tue Aug 5 20:09:47 UTC 2014

Hello there:

First of all thanks for the amazing work all of you in Mozilla have been doing all these years for us! 

I just have a little question to ask:


Have you seen all the stuff Firefox loads just from the very beginning and most of the regular users don´t ever use ?


I´m thinking about all the developer tools, for example. A friend of mine told me yesterday: what´s all this stuff about? I just want to browse the web, nothing else, why is my amazing Mozilla Firefox taking almost 200 Mb of my RAM away just for seen a webpage... 


Can you deliver in the future a web browser with a default profile just ready for maybe the 75% of the users using Firefox and are regular users not developers? People that just want to browse the web, nothing else. 


My friend asked me if I knew about any other alternative just for browse the web and I only had one: the web browser in the default QtSDK demos.


Sorry if this is not the correct place to say this but I don´t know where else to ask. And please I´m sorry about my English, my native language is Spanish.


Best regards !




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