Restricting Bugzilla comments

Daniel Veditz dveditz at
Wed Aug 6 19:23:56 UTC 2014

On 8/5/2014 11:49 AM, Justin Dolske wrote:
> We've been doing it for a while, 55 bugs as of today:

A couple of those make little sense, non-controversial bugs whose
comments were restricted when they were resolved:
(first two I looked at)

Seemed to only be a small batch of them like that and it was a couple
months back, but I hope that doesn't become a policy. I am more than
happy to restrict bugs that are getting out of hand (and sooner is
better in those cases) but it should still be rare.

> Still, restricting the whole bug often feels like too big of a hammer.
> Even per-comment moderation can be challenging when it's a mix of  being
> constructive and non-constructive, or when the problem stems from the
> aggregate of marginal comments.

People with editbugs can also "tag" individual comments as "spam" which
will hide it by default, though it can still be manually expanded when
you read the bug (transparency). The "obsolete" tag works the same way
which can be a handy tool when a mistaken--in the technical
sense--comment is confusing the thread.

Once or twice I've addressed the "mixed constructive and
non-constructive" case by hiding the comment and adding my own comment
quoting the useful bits (with a mention/link to the original comment).

> But there's still the problem of that being a retroactive tool...
> Developers who primarily follow bugmail (and are often the subject of
> said abuse) still have to deal with the initial brunt of it. I don't
> know if there's a good solution to that.

Another recent tool is the ability to unsubscribe to any mail from a
particular bug. Doesn't help the bugzilla environment get any better,
and it's still reactive, but it can save your sanity in some cases to
just unplug from a particular rant stream.

-Dan Veditz

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