Restricting Bugzilla comments

Mike Hoye mhoye at
Tue Aug 5 17:30:33 UTC 2014

Hi, folks -

We're getting close to a point where Bugzilla will have some 
social-media features available (to people with editbugs privs, for 
now), so that people who are interested in advertising bugs they're 
mentoring can share them out easily. This is intended to be 
experimental; if it turns out to be great for bringing in contributors, 
yay, if it's more trouble than it's worth, boo and we turn it off.

Uptake of bugs via StartMozilla remains strong, so as engagement tools 
go this has a lot of promise. Having said that, I've had a couple of 
conversations recently about abusive comments in Bugzilla, and a number 
of you have mentioned your concerns around seeing more of them and how 
to deal with them when they start happening (either individually, or in 
the internet pile-ons that sometimes happen).

My position is pretty simple: working in the open is not a license for 
the internet to ruin your day.

A handful of people, including myself, can restrict Bugzilla comments to 
only people with editbugs privs, and I'm happy to do that if a thread 
turns abusive. That's pretty rare, but as our community grows we should 
expect that it will start happening more often, and (eventually) that 
moderators will need to be available. We're not there yet, thankfully, 
so for the moment if a bug starts to go bad that way, please CC/needinfo 
me on it, so that I can address it directly.



- mhoye

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