firefox development process changes

Marco Bonardo mbonardo at
Tue Aug 5 09:47:28 UTC 2014

I think most of the changes are great, but I have some feedback

On 30/07/2014 01:41, Gavin Sharp wrote:
> - All estimation will be performed asynchronously via a Google Docs 
> spreadsheet, and points will be reviewed for outliers which can be 
> discussed separately. The goal will be to have all work estimated by 
> the planning meeting (between Thursday and the following Tuesday).

I think the spreadsheet should somehow be improved for this, I had 
issues with scrolling it to see my column and I couldn't even resize the 
bug descriptions to see more columns cause it is locked. It was painful.

> - We will eliminate the Tuesday status meetings entirely. In their 
> place, we will ask all team members to provide daily updates via 
> bsmedberg's status tool. Updates should be short and submitted at the 
> beginning of your day, and mention what you accomplished yesterday, 
> what you plan to do today, and anything you're blocked on. Your 
> updates should include specific status updates for each of the bugs 
> that you're committed to: "work in progress", "in review", or "landed".

I'm very unhappy about this. As a contractor I already have to keep my 
hourly and weekly tracking (luckily there are nice online tools for 
that), and that's painful enough, having to also copy it out everyday 
would make me really sad. Moreover I don't like the feeling it gives me, 
I know it's done with very positive purposes, but I feel like not being 
trusted anymore.
I think it's also too much fine grained to be useful, you should look at 
a bunch of updates (not well formatted to do that efficiently) and 
moreover once you read "work in progress" you must still ask directly to 
the person if that is 10% or 90% done. How is that an improvement over 
what we have today (I already see in the spreadsheet which bugs are 
My opinion is that this will put lots of burden on devs with a very 
minor gain.
I suggest instead we do something similar to the new point estimation, 
for each backlog row provide a status column we can change, it will have 
10-100%/review/landed options, and we will keep them updated daily. It's 
much easier and quick for us, you get an idea of the whole situation in 
a single look, and won't make me sad (the most important thing :) ).


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