Next push on reducing intermittents in browser-chrome - 7 bugs need owners!

Joel Maher jmaher at
Mon Aug 4 11:19:01 UTC 2014

In bug 992911 we added the ability to run mochitests per directory instead of a single large chunk.  This helps us reduce the impact (random oranges) tests have on each other and gives us faster turnaround when adjusting the chunks we run in automation.

While this is a possible feature we haven't turned it on due to the failures we see.  Our goal is to turn this on for browser-chrome (not devtools) first.  Many bugs have been fixed, but now we have a few remaining ones which need owners:
Bug 1041549 - browser_overflow_anchor.js leaks
Bug 1041569 - browser_windowRestore_perwindowpb.js leaks until shutdown
Bug 1041594 - browser_mozAudioChannel_muted.js crashes
Bug 525284 - browser_bug400731.js frequently orange
Bug 947574 - Intermittent browser_426329.js frequently orange
Bug 963075 - browser_pdfjs_[main|views].js leaks until shutdown
Bug 1017187 - browser_yahoo_behavior.js leaks until shutdown

If we can get folks to fix these bugs, we will be really close to greener pastures on bc* jobs.

Joel (:jmaher)

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