Is backout rate increasing?

David Burns dburns at
Sun Aug 3 20:42:14 UTC 2014

 From my brief analysis of the numbers I have seen higher backout rates 
than you are reporting but they have been dropping over time.

For the last 7 days I have around 8% of pushes have a backout in them on 
Mozilla Inbound. (26 backouts and 321 pushes you can see the data at )

The problem I found was that I could not rely on looking at hg log at 
all. This down to the interesting
way that we handle integration trees and then do merges. Others have 
briefly mentioned this potential
problems so I have been using the Pushes API from the Release 
Engineering team but that can only handle
a certain timeline (I am waiting on treeherder API to be ready to get 
long term data since I would love 6 months worth of data).

I would love to see the code/papers that you are using to do this work 
since I have a special interest in this area since I manage the sheriffs.


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