Some community engagement news.

Chris Peterson cpeterson at
Fri Aug 1 18:24:23 UTC 2014

On 8/1/14 10:33 AM, mhoye wrote:
> NEXT AND LAST you're almost done go team: We're getting a lot of good 
> results from our community-engagement efforts around good-first and 
> mentored bugs, but getting community members on to priority bugs 
> hasn't been anywhere near as successful. Diamond bugs - bugs that make 
> it all the way to triage meetings but don't ultimately get assigned - 
> are in very short supply; we don't have enough variety that there are 
> a lot of good matches to offer people who want to move up to the next 
> level.
> I'd like to open the floodgates a bit here; if we can bring an extra 
> 30 to 50 points worth of work into these meetings, knowing that they 
> won't get all the way to assignment and particularly stuff that you 
> can eyeball as being at the 1-5 workpoint level, that would give our 
> community members a better sense of how to engage with stuff that's 
> capital-I important to Mozilla. 

What is the process for nominating bugs (that aren't seen in Firefox 
triage meetings) for "diamond" status? How and where are diamond bugs 

I filed a feature request suggesting that Bugs Ahoy highlight diamond bugs:


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