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Tue Apr 29 03:44:39 UTC 2014

Hi firefox-dev,

As mentioned many times before, the core firefox development team is using
a new process to track and prioritize work. Part of that process is that
we're splitting work in two-week iterations, and each iteration starts with
the team picking work from a prioritized backlog (the "c" set that I
described in a previous post:

To get better visibility and broader input into that process going forward,
Madhava, Chad and I will be posting updates here prior to the start of each
iteration, briefly explaining what we've decided to focus on and why (i.e.
summarizing the what and the why of the priority backlog). This is the
first of those updates.

The next iteration starts next Tuesday, and is labeled "32.1" (the first
iteration of the Firefox 32 cycle). We're going to be focusing primarily on
trying to tie up loose ends on goals that we've carried over from Q1 (more
on our goals in a followup post). At a high level, that means:

- Getting the translation functionality (
working and ready for the trial
- Enabling default new tab page tiles on Nightly
- Some followup work related to telemetry experiments (which landed on
trunk recently!
- adding some crash data to FHR for better visibility into Firefox stability

More detail about the specific bugs we'll be focused on can be seen in the
priority backlog, which is currently maintained as a shared Google

I'm happy to answer any questions about the process or the backlog.

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