Downloads API, eighth update

Paolo Amadini paolo.02.prg at
Tue Sep 24 14:51:17 UTC 2013

We released the Downloads API in the first Aurora 26 update last Friday!

This marks the end of the project tracking in the Performance wiki page.
The progress of the feature from the Aurora to the Release channel will
be tracked as usual through the feature page:

Big thanks are due to Neil, Felipe, Raymond, and Marco for all the help
they provided in reaching the Firefox 26 milestone, and also to Andres
and Marcos that helped out in particularly busy moments.

Much less effort will be required by any follow-ups now, in fact the
few regression reports we received until now have been minor, like the
fact that a zero-sized file remained in place when canceling in some
cases (bug 918466). Our planned work involves adding new features to
the API as needed by add-on developers, and fixing some intermittent
test failures. You can subscribe to the meta-bug 825588 to stay updated
on final developments from now on.

Now that the project is completed and used in Firefox for Desktop, other
Mozilla products may migrate on their own schedule. We will refactor
and simplify the Downloads Panel code to remove any reference to
nsIDownloadManager, and the new code might serve as an example of
how to use the API for other products also.

This is the last update of this bi-weekly series, this means there will
be no seventh update. As always, regressions can be filed as blocking
bug 825588, and add-on compatibility bugs as blocking bug 907764.


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