Status of click-to-play plugins in Firefox 24/26

Benjamin Smedberg benjamin at
Wed Oct 30 16:57:33 UTC 2013

On 10/30/2013 10:04 AM, The Wanderer wrote:

> To be clear, I'd love to be able to just whitelist known-needed domains
> and leave the others for users to enable manually (or not), and for many
> more-specialized plugins this likely would work - but that simply is not
> practical in reality. If/when the general user population is used to the
> idea of activating/whitelisting plugins at use time, this may change,
> but I don't see that happening anything like immediately.
We're deploying this in Firefox 26 (or 27 or 28, if the feature slips) 
and Chrome has already deployed something similar for Java and will be 
extending that to most other plugins soon. So I expect this to be common 
user behavior soon!

For most plugins, you can as a system administrator set the default 
activation for each plugin using prefs.

So the special case that we appear to still be arguing over is the 
plugins which are marked unsafe. There is no way to globally enable 
those, either as a local user or an external administrator.


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