Status of click-to-play plugins in Firefox 24/26

Benjamin Smedberg benjamin at
Wed Oct 30 16:32:30 UTC 2013

On 10/30/2013 11:52 AM, Lawrence Mandel wrote:
> From the short list of sites that you have gathered have you been able 
> to extract patterns of Java usage (i.e. how Java is programmatically 
> used within a page)?
There were two bugs in the Firefox UI that prevented sites from working, 
which may be common patterns across more sites. But the sample of real 
sites I have is too small to actually draw many conclusions.

The patches in my queue make all of the known sites work except for which doesn't work in 
Chrome and appears to just be broken.

> If so, are the usage patterns and our solution for them documented 
> somewhere? Lawrence 
is still the recommended solutions for site authors. Nothing much has 
really changed there:

* recommend using callbacks for plugin activation
* recommend makin plugins visible at least until they are activated
> Of course we need to keep in mind that users just want these sites to work so that they can do whatever their task happens to be. While we want to secure our users they do have an option if a site doesn't work in Firefox - try another browser.
We want to absolutely be no worse than Chrome on any site that has 
significant market share. However, we also made the decision that 
letting a few people walk was probably the correct decision in this 
case, because the improved stability and performance for everyone else 
is noticeable.
> In terms of uplifting, is there a good reason to keep this change in 26? If UI and string changes are required, why not defer to a later release?
At this point, it does not look like any string changes will be required.

The hard part about this is that we aren't going to get any meaningful 
testing of CtP except on the beta channel. So in order for this not to 
sit in several long 6-week cycles, we need to iterate on it rapidly on 
the beta channel. At this point I'm not committed to actually shipping 
this in 26, but I do think we should try to make the necessary 
improvements and uplift them as quickly as safety allows, in order to 
validate our opinion on whether this is safe enough to ship.


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