Status of click-to-play plugins in Firefox 24/26

Dão Gottwald dao at
Wed Oct 30 11:08:41 UTC 2013

On 30.10.2013 11:26, Mike de Boer wrote:
> On Oct 29, 2013, at 8:50 PM, Benjamin Smedberg <benjamin at> wrote:
>> On 10/29/2013 3:44 PM, Gijs Kruitbosch wrote:
>>> Notification bars are strongly disliked (and with good reasons). Could we do something like we do for the downloads icon, and display an animation of sorts that highlights the lego block temporarily, and/or use a more obvious color than (at least on OS X) the blend-in-with-the-nav-bar-grey?
>> We do make the notification icon blue when the plugin on the page is hidden (or now also when it is removed).
> IF there’s a problem with the discoverability of the grey/ blue icon, Jared’s could make it stand out more. Just a thought ;)

This still depends on your eyes looking somewhere near the icon. Similar 
to the idea of letting popup notifications appear automatically only for 
a second or two in order to draw attention to the icon, this seems like 
a hack that would make the UI suck a little less for some lucky users 
without really tackling its inherent discoverability weakness.

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