Status of click-to-play plugins in Firefox 24/26

Gijs Kruitbosch gijskruitbosch at
Tue Oct 29 19:44:54 UTC 2013

On 29/10/13, 20:34 , Benjamin Smedberg wrote:
> The final question is whether we need to make the hidden plugin case 
> more discoverable. This was discussed at length a couple months ago. I 
> still believe that the desired outcome is that we should not make 
> hidden plugins discoverable, but I'm not sure whether we can actually 
> pull that off in the market, especially with high-profile sites such 
> as the Norway ID sites. Technically, exposing the doorhanger 
> temporarily as in this mockup 
> is fairly straightforward. We could also copy Chrome's UI and show a 
> more permanent yellow notification bar. I am not sure how to make this 
> decision. I need feedback from UI and product experts on the best 
> option here. If we are going to uplift any UI change of this sort into 
> Fx26 and not slip a release, it will need to be done soon so that we 
> can get thorough testing in the beta cycle.
Non-UI expert idea coming up, please shoot me down: a lot of feedback 
seemed to say that the lego block icon wasn't obvious enough. 
Notification bars are strongly disliked (and with good reasons). Could 
we do something like we do for the downloads icon, and display an 
animation of sorts that highlights the lego block temporarily, and/or 
use a more obvious color than (at least on OS X) the 

~ Gijs

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