You can now open the browser debugger from the commandline (now also for mochitests!)

Rob Campbell rcampbell at
Fri Oct 25 13:43:31 UTC 2013

also, Gijs blogged about it here:

(I'm helping because he doesn't know how to social media…)

Great work, Gijs! I've wanted this for so long it's like a dream come true. :)

~ rob

On 2013-10-25, at 05:55 , Gijs Kruitbosch <gijskruitbosch at> wrote:

> Recently landed on m-c (should work on today's upcoming nightly): a --jsdebugger commandline flag! So opening firefox with --jsdebugger will immediately open the Browser Debugger.
> What's more, a few minutes ago support landed on m-c for using this flag with mochitest-(plain|browser|chrome) for the same.
> That means you can now do something like:
> ./mach mochitest-browser browser/base/content/test/general/browser_overflowScroll.js --jsdebugger
> and it'll start the browser, open the debugger, and wait with running the test(s) until you hit the button on the mochitest UI (e.g. after you've set breakpoints etc.)
> This should ease tracking down the cause of intermittent failures in these tests. Happy debugging!
> ~ Gijs
> PS: details in if you're interested
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