Measuring Australis…

Irving Reid irving at
Wed Oct 23 16:29:46 UTC 2013

The short answer is that Telemetry, at its core, is just JSON; we can 
put whatever you need in there, as long as you're willing to write a 
custom analysis back end for information that isn't simple numbers or 

Beyond that, it comes down to what information would prove useful in 
aggregate form, and is there a place in the Firefox code base where we 
can reliably record that information.

One more thing: Telemetry session data objects are already quite large; 
we're looking for ways to identify elements that no longer need to be 
collected. For the future, we'd like to start including documentation of 
the expected life cycle for new Telemetry data elements. Are they 
intended to be permanent, or are they part of a specific experiment and 
can be removed after enough data is gathered?

  - irving -

On 2013-10-23 7:10 AM, Mark Finkle wrote:
> Firefox for Android wants to start landing the same types of probes for
> UI telemetry. One of the first things we want to know is: Can Telemetry
> be used as-is for these probes, or do we need a different type of
> payload. In Firefox for Android, for example, the UI changes based on
> portrait or landscape orientation. We'll need to capture that with each
> probe. We also want to know whether the action, Save to PDF for example,
> was started via a menu or some other UI. For post analysis of "Save to
> PDF" it might be easier to store the action ("Save to PDF") separately
> from the UI ("button", "menu", ...) used to initiate the action.

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