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> Hello firefox-dev-ians,

> I've been chatting with some people on the Firefox UX team, and we have some
> questions about the impact the new Australis re-design will have on our
> users. I mean, we've put a lot of work into the design of Australis, and we
> have some goals for how we want it to change user behaviour, but we don't
> know whether people will react to it in the way we expect. I also believe
> that the engineers who have been (and are still) putting a ton of work into
> landing the new design in a performant way are interested in how their hard
> work is impacting the people who use Firefox. Finally, I believe that with a
> set of Telemetry probes, we can get the answers to most of those questions.

Firefox for Android wants to start landing the same types of probes for UI telemetry. One of the first things we want to know is: Can Telemetry be used as-is for these probes, or do we need a different type of payload. In Firefox for Android, for example, the UI changes based on portrait or landscape orientation. We'll need to capture that with each probe. We also want to know whether the action, Save to PDF for example, was started via a menu or some other UI. For post analysis of "Save to PDF" it might be easier to store the action ("Save to PDF") separately from the UI ("button", "menu", ...) used to initiate the action. 
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