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> Hello firefox-dev-ians,

> I've been chatting with some people on the Firefox UX team, and we have some
> questions about the impact the new Australis re-design will have on our
> users. I mean, we've put a lot of work into the design of Australis, and we
> have some goals for how we want it to change user behaviour, but we don't
> know whether people will react to it in the way we expect. I also believe
> that the engineers who have been (and are still) putting a ton of work into
> landing the new design in a performant way are interested in how their hard
> work is impacting the people who use Firefox. Finally, I believe that with a
> set of Telemetry probes, we can get the answers to most of those questions.

As a reminder, Telemetry is currently enabled-by-default on Nightly and Aurora. Telemetry is opt-in on Beta and Release. I would suggest that the type of information that you are looking to collect may be skewed by the more technical population if you are to rely on data from Nightly and Aurora. Metrics should be able to help you determine if this is true. 

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