Fwd: Faster builds, now ; on windows, too.

Gregory Szorc gps at mozilla.com
Wed Oct 16 20:46:44 UTC 2013

Everyone building Firefox on Windows should stop what he or she is doing 
and follow the directions in the forwarded post.

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Subject: Faster builds, now ; on windows, too.
Date: Wed, 16 Oct 2013 22:43:03 +0900
From: Mike Hommey <mh at glandium.org>
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Episode 1 was the "You want faster builds, don't you" thread.
Episode 2 was the "Faster builds, now" thread.
Here comes episode 3.

I'm sure fellow developers building on Windows felt sad that they were
left out on the recent build improvements. Rejoice at last, as we are
now bringing those to you.

As of current mozilla-inbound, and I'm sure mozilla-central soon, it
only takes a few steps:

- Download the mozmake binary from
   http://people.mozilla.org/~mhommey/mozmake.exe and place it in some
   location in your $PATH. c:\mozilla-build\msys\local\bin is probably
   good for most people. See bug 927213 if you want to know how it was
   built. It will eventually be shipped in next release of MozillaBuild.
- Add the following to your mozconfig:
     export MOZ_PSEUDO_DERECURSE=no-pymake
   (Note this should become the default next week)
- Build with:
     ./mach build

After you built once, you can do edit-compile-edit-compile cycles with:
     ./mach build binaries

Enjoy the faster build times.



PS: mozmake is also being tested on the birch branch, and it is showing
promising turnaround times on Windows build slaves (-35 minutes on opt
builds, -1 hour on debug builds ; most of which is, surprisingly, is
gained on make check, see
https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=925605#c13 )
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