Australis' URL-Bar is too big

Greg W mttbrnsmls at
Sat Oct 12 18:46:30 UTC 2013

I hope something is going to be done to address the Australis urlbar before release. It is huge. IMHO, browser chrome should be kept to a minimum. The user only turns attention to browser chrome for a moment or two at a time. There is little purpose to having such huge icons and urlbar.

I'd like to see a dramatic reduction in size or an about:config setting added that allows users to set a "small icons" option to minimize the urlbar presence. Many users appreciate being able to devote as much screen real estate as possible to the content. The current version #24 Firefox allows this with the "small icons" setting. My understanding is that this setting is to be removed from Australis. I hope some kind of similar setting can still exist in about:config to address this important issue.
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