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> [Bcc'd + followup to firefox-dev, please]
> On 7/18/13 1:33 PM, Benjamin Smedberg wrote:
> >  From today's user-analysis meeting: as part of Australis, is there any
> > telemetry on browser UI usage?
> I don't believe we've added any telemetry for Australis.
> > In particular, cschauer mentioned that it
> > would be interesting from a user research perspective to understand:
> >
> > * What are the menu items that users are choosing from the three-line
> > menu in Australis (what is this button/menu called?)
> > * How many users start customization?
> > * How many users actually make a customization after starting?
> >
> > If there is not already telemetry on these things, I'll file a bug to
> > get this in. Are there other UI measures that we should be making as
> > part of this?
> I've no general objection to adding some Australis telemetry probes
> (especially because it's usually easy to do!). But I do want to be
> careful about it -- AIUI the userbase that has opted-in to Telemetry is
> skewed in various ways, and I wouldn't want that leading to making bad
> UI decisions.

To clarify, Telemetry is enabled by default on the Nightly and Aurora channels and is opt-in on the Beta and Release channels. This doesn't mean that there isn't a bias in the data from Nightly and Aurora but does mean that it is not an opt-in bias.


> In a separate (private) thread, Asa was suggesting there could be a case
> made for it being in FHR (which would be skew-free). But that would need
> someone to pick up the torch through guiding that through the FHR
> approval process, which is a complete unknown to me (ie, does not sound
> easy).
> As a meta question: has anyone done a comparison of the overlap (which I
> assume exists) between Telemetry and FHR data? Or are there probes we
> can add to either/both to help understand the types and magnitudes of
> any skewage?
> Justin
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