Australis - Simpler solution to disable lightweight themes when window is not maximized?

Ronan Jouchet ronan at
Fri Nov 29 13:27:29 UTC 2013


I use GNOME3 with the Mutter window manager, which doesn't allow title
bar painting, so applying for example the "Black" lightweight theme
results in something not pretty at all [1]. But when maximizing the
window and hiding the title bar with Maximus [2], it actually looks
great [3]. So I built a set of userChrome.css rules in order to use my
lightweight theme _only when maximized_ [4].

→ Does this (ugly, needs-maintenance to adapt to browser.css changes)
userChrome.css sound like something that might be fixed in another way?
Do you have something else simpler to recommend? Any plans to make this
"feature" easier for GNOME3 users in the scope of Australis?

Note: I know my use case is extremely specific! By all means, do
NOTABUG/WONTFIX the bug I filed [5], I've been living with this kind of
userChrome.css for years and am happy with it. I was just updating it
for Australis, and thought that since you are working on that kind of
stuff for Australis, now would be a good opportunity to ask for a better



-- Ronan -

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