[b2g] PSA: Shutting down my mozilla git mirror in three weeks

Chris Peterson cpeterson at mozilla.com
Mon Nov 25 23:16:45 UTC 2013

On 11/25/13, 2:59 PM, Nicholas Nethercote wrote:
> Are there plans to move Gaia from Github onto Mozilla servers?  Having
> portions of our primary products on third-party servers is a terrible
> idea.

A related question: why is Gaia not part of mozilla-central? 
mozilla-central includes low-level platform code like Gonk and Gecko, 
but it also includes high-level product code like Firefox and Fennec. 
Why is Gaia any different?

AFAIK, Facebook and Amazon (and I think Google used to) have one repo 
containing all code for all products.


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