The Australis "hamburger" button

Benjamin Smedberg benjamin at
Fri Nov 22 21:51:44 UTC 2013

On 11/22/2013 4:40 PM, Marco Bonardo wrote:
> While I'm not expecting this to change a taken decision, I wanted to 
> throw up my concerns in a more public way, to see if anyone has 
> thoughts or ideas about this.

It does seem a little odd to jump on the three-stripes bandwagon when 
we've had a pretty good run with the orange button. Everything is so 
grey now, which is probably intentional but it feels drab to me. I don't 
have much input about either what we call it or what the default shape 
should be, but I've made a little addon which lets you put a colorful 
icon back in it's place:
In the addon options you can pick from an outline icon, a full-color 
icon, or a hamburger.

Also, if you want your titlebar back on mac or windows and you want it 
to show you the page title, I've got an extension for that too: This one currently 
has no options, but I may add an option to control maximized/fullscreen 
behavior, since I personally want my titlebar all the time, but I 
understand that many people want their titlebar in normal mode but want 
it to go away in maximized mode.


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