The Australis "hamburger" button

Marco Bonardo mbonardo at
Fri Nov 22 21:40:02 UTC 2013

So, I briefly discussed at the last work week with someone about the 
fact we are losing identity of the Firefox appmenu button.
It's a big change for users, they are used to look for an orange button 
with the Firefox text in it on the top left, we replace it with an 
anonymous grey button with stripes on the top right. Based on that I 
filed a bug to suggest some first-thought alternatives, but mostly to 
point out the problem 
( It was wontfixed, 
with reasons (the fact I agree or less with those is unimportant).

Now, I keep looking at bugs and mails in firefox-dev, and I see everyone 
speaking about "the hamburger button". This made me think support will 
have to ask users to click the hamburger button... I'm pretty sure we 
can figure what the hamburger button is but, surely everyone I know here 
around would look at me like I'm crazy. It's also a quite US concept, 
some countries are not that much into hamburgers :) I'd honestly not 
know how to help my friends&family find it without spending hundred 
words at the phone.
Let alone if we allow users to customize (mostly move) it around in the 
UI, as many are asking.
And no, I don't think "the three stripes button" sounds much better, as 
well a "cheeseburger button":)
Clearly "click the orange button", or "click the Firefox button", are 
much simpler concepts for anyone and had their advantages.

While I'm not expecting this to change a taken decision, I wanted to 
throw up my concerns in a more public way, to see if anyone has thoughts 
or ideas about this.


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