How to track down why firefox is crashing so much.

Jesse Ruderman jruderman at
Fri Nov 22 20:02:27 UTC 2013

Most of the crashes in your first block look like out-of-memory
crashes. Many of them even have mozalloc_handle_oom in the signature.

I thought OOM crashes didn't happen in 64-bit builds like the one
you're using. So that's weird.  Are you somehow out of both RAM and
swap? Is that a thing that can even happen on Mac?

I guess it's also possible that you're hitting memory corruption
that's being interpreted as out-of-memory. Given that you're using
poorly-tested platform features (XSLT, XPath), it wouldn't be too
surprising if you have stumbled on a memory corruption bug. You could
try running an address-sanitizer build (2-3x slowdown) to find out
whether that's the case.

Your last crash is in the cycle collector. mccr8 in #memshrink
( could tell you whether the cycle collector crash is
likely to be a result of running out of memory or a distinct bug.

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