Australis first impressions

John Bird johnkbird at
Fri Nov 22 05:38:20 UTC 2013

First impressions of latest Nightly:

Impressed mainly.

The good:

-Everything works, can get the old menu by pressing the ALT key (WIndows 7)

-Firefox using a lot less memory than recently - currently around 900MB. 
But I do have 686 tabs open.  Means on Windows 7 (32 bit) I have a chance of 
running other things without the PC thrashing.

-Don't think its crashed either - probably due to the run plugins 

-The notifications - eg Run Google Talk dialog at the top of the page in 
Gmail etc is simple and effective.

The niggles:

-Would like a page title to show, and somewhere more to drag the window.
-Also like refresh button on the left with the other navigation.

-Would like an easier way to close tabs.   Too easy to leave them open. 
(see above)
-saw in Chrome/Chrome Canary build the other day a notification in the tab 
when its playing Audio.   Very useful to find the noisy tab.


-Change is inevitable, get over it.   eg Firefox on Android is very 
different, the functionality changes there are necessary and shrewdly done, 
I like the horizontal thin progress bar across the screen below the address 
bar,  and enjoyed seeing that also in the Windows version recently, reminded 
me of how cross platform Firefox is.

John Bird

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