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Wed Nov 20 09:26:53 UTC 2013

There is actually a 7px loss of vertical space (when comparing Australis on
Windows 7 against normal icon size in the previous design) in maximized

I am not comparing the small icon size because (even though it being too
much loss) there is no equivalent mode in Australis anymore.

On Wed, Nov 20, 2013 at 9:44 AM, Kyle Huey <me at> wrote:

> I've been using Australis for about two hours now and it mostly works well
> (although switching in and out of the customization view is a bit trippy)
> but one thing is really annoying for me.  The vertical size that the UI
> consumes when maximized on Windows has increased because the tabs are now
> taller.  In fact, it's increased just enough to trip gmail from "your
> screen is big" to "your screen is small" mode, and using gmail is now far
> less awesome because everything is crowded together.
> - Kyle
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