Australis first impressions

Gijs Kruitbosch gijskruitbosch at
Tue Nov 19 23:09:23 UTC 2013

On 19/11/13, 23:43 , Eric Shepherd wrote:
> Madhava Enros wrote:
>> Thanks for flagging this stuff! We're figuring out our throughput on 
>> responding to all the Australis feedback, but we'll be filing bugs 
>> and/or explaining design rationale for the things you find in the 
>> days ahead.
> I want to start by saying that the Australis design is beautiful and 
> in almost every respect a huge improvement. Well done!
> I do have one significant complaint (and I've mentioned this in a 
> couple places, but I'll say it here where it's a more "official" 
> channel): the loss of the title bar of the window. There are two 
> problems here, for me:
> 1. There's nowhere to see the full title of the tab I'm reading. This 
> is annoying but not a huge problem.
As a note, you can hover the tab, the tooltip has the full title.
> 2. The big problem is that the area you can click to drag the window 
> around is tiny. Even normally, that would be frustrating. But I've got 
> a nervous system condition that causes my hands to tremor, so aiming 
> for small targets is really difficult.
> There needs to at least be an option to restore the title bar to 
> windows in Australis.
For now, use the browser.tabs.drawInTitlebar preference in about:config 
to toggle the titlebar back on. I'm sure Madhava and co will look at 
this and other feedback and tweak stuff as necessary.

~ Gijs

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