Australis first impressions

Eric Shepherd eshepherd at
Tue Nov 19 22:43:36 UTC 2013

Madhava Enros wrote:
> Thanks for flagging this stuff! We're figuring out our throughput on 
> responding to all the Australis feedback, but we'll be filing bugs 
> and/or explaining design rationale for the things you find in the days 
> ahead.
I want to start by saying that the Australis design is beautiful and in 
almost every respect a huge improvement. Well done!

I do have one significant complaint (and I've mentioned this in a couple 
places, but I'll say it here where it's a more "official" channel): the 
loss of the title bar of the window. There are two problems here, for me:

1. There's nowhere to see the full title of the tab I'm reading. This is 
annoying but not a huge problem.

2. The big problem is that the area you can click to drag the window 
around is tiny. Even normally, that would be frustrating. But I've got a 
nervous system condition that causes my hands to tremor, so aiming for 
small targets is really difficult.

There needs to at least be an option to restore the title bar to windows 
in Australis.

There are few if any other problems for me with this excellent new look 
and feel, but the title bar thing is a really serious issue for me.


Eric Shepherd
Developer Documentation Lead

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