Australis first impressions

Benjamin Smedberg benjamin at
Tue Nov 19 15:45:54 UTC 2013

I have actively avoided using Australis until now, so that I wasn't 
affected by work-in-progress code. So I'm going to post some first 
impressions after having used it for half a day or so.

1) I *hate* having no room in the titlebar. Does nobody use the mouse on 
Windows? The amount of room you have between resize-dragging the top of 
the window and dragging a tab is *tiny*. I know that there are hidden 
prefs that fix this for me, and I even wrote to 
show the page title in the titlebar again, but this still feels like 
it's going to be horrible for anyone who doesn't keep Firefox maximized 
all the time. browser.tabs.drawInTitlebar = false looks ugly because of 

Also because the end of the tab bar ends before the minimize/close 
buttons of the window, there is so little room for the non-pinned tabs.

2) I want my big refresh button back. I had customized Firefox so that 
the refresh button wasn't in the location bar.

3) The bookmarks menu button icon at least has confusing graphics. It 
looks like a zoomed-out version of the Firefox menu, so when I go over 
there I have to think about which one I'm clicking. I don't ever use the 
bookmarks menu, so I really wanted to customize it away, but I couldn't

4) I was surprised that I couldn't move the menu button. I figured from 
screenshots and descriptions of Australis that I'd be able to customize 
it and put it on the left of the tab bar, but apparently you can't even 
move it at all. I kept trying to drag it, and Firefox just kept leaving 
customize mode. This was frustrating until I asked about it on IRC.


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