Australis landing soon

Mike Connor mconnor at
Fri Nov 15 20:07:20 UTC 2013

On 2013-11-15 1:00 PM, Chris Peterson wrote:
>> We're particularly interested in add-on compatibility. Most will work
>> as-is. Some will need changes, often simple to make. A few will require
>> deeper fixes. Australis has a lot of changes, and it's difficult to
>> predict what assumptions a specific add-on has made
> Is there a list of known changes to add-on compatibility? We should 
> probably have an "add-on developers guide to Australis" wiki page so 
> we can document add-on issues (and fixes) as we discover them.

+1 on the list.  There's probably a way to make a base list, but from 
past experience with much smaller changes we should expect a fair bit of 
long tail issues.  Mostly the issue is that there's a bunch of ways 
add-on authors overlay/insert/append/override chrome bits, and it's hard 
to predict which changes will matter.

I'm not up to date on where Jetpack is, but this would be a good 
opportunity to highlight that model as a more robust/stable target. 
Mossop, have you guys thought about using the cutover as a good 
evangelism opportunity for "old-style" add-ons?

-- Mike

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