Australis landing soon

Justin Dolske dolske at
Fri Nov 15 01:00:23 UTC 2013

The short summary:

We're planning to land Australis on Nightly on Monday, November 18th. 
\o/ Please file bugs if you encounter add-on problems.

Some further details for those who, uhh, like detail:

Per the last update on firefox-dev, all our existing performance 
blockers have been addressed, and the last-minute perf issue that popped 
up (bug 937519) will be resolved by a backout of the m-c patch that 
caused it. A summary of the expected Talos regressions is on (we 
should probably list the performance improvements there too!).

Out of caution, I'll note that it's remotely possible that fallout from 
bug 937997 ("Trunk trees closed due to OOMs") could slightly delay the 
landing... Mozilla-central has been closed for a few days to investigate 
a memory leak (completely unrelated to Australis!), but top people are 
working on getting the tree reopened ASAP.

The general plan is the same as before: we are landing on Nightly, and 
will backout from Aurora upon uplift. So, next week's Nightly 28 will 
have Australis, but after uplift (on December 9th) Aurora 28 will not. 
Nightly 29 will continue to have Australis. It's possible Australis will 
ride the 29 train through to release with Firefox 29 (April 15th). But 
we'll be evaluating at each uplift if Australis is ready to ship -- and 
hold it back again if not.

We'll be maintaining a temporary branch ("holly") of mozilla-central 
with Australis backed out. See This 
will run the usual complement of tests and Talos to help ensure the 
non-Australis Aurora uplift will not have hidden bugs. If anyone has a 
strong preference to avoid Australis, running these builds would be a 
good way to do so while still helping us catch any problems for Aurora!

Note that to ease maintenance of the backout branch, we will have an 
effective feature freeze for non-Australis code changing things 
Australis also changes (the tabstrip and customization, basically). I 
don't expect this to really affect anyone, because everyone who usually 
works on such code is either already working on Australis, is in close 
contact with someone who does, or will need deep code-review from 
someone who does. Let me know if you're concerned this may impact you 
(it probably doesn't), and we can figure it out.

Australis is in pretty reasonable shape, bug-wise. See for an overview 
(the Bugzilla API is slow, sorry, so it takes a while to load). This is 
basically showing the tree of bugs rooted under the main Australis 
metabug, bug 870032. Many of the existing bugs are minor or have limited 
impact. As with every software project, not all of them will be fixed 
before shipping. But we'll be continuing to slash away at the list.

We're particularly interested in add-on compatibility. Most will work 
as-is. Some will need changes, often simple to make. A few will require 
deeper fixes. Australis has a lot of changes, and it's difficult to 
predict what assumptions a specific add-on has made, or how severe a 
glitch may be. In some cases we may be able to make changes in Australis 
to restore compatibility. So, please file bugs about broken add-ons, and 
help us contact add-on developers so they have time to make changes. 
We're working on an updated list of Australis changes and fixes, and 
will publish that soon.

Finally, if you haven't yet tried Australis, you can try it right now 
with our UX builds:


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