MSU Capstone Group - Feedback on Australis-Styled Widgets

Eric Proper mozillamsu at
Wed Nov 13 02:23:05 UTC 2013

firefox-dev Subscribers,

We are a group of students from Michigan State University's Computer
Science Capstone program working to develop a few Australis-styled widgets.
While we are in the process of developing these widgets, it would be
beneficial to receive some feedback from real users. Any feedback would be
appreciated (reporting bugs, criticisms of color scheme, etc.). You may
leave feedback by email or by commenting on our public repositories at We have included our widget XPIs as
attachments to this message. The widgets are compatible with the
projects/ux branch. Below is an explanation of each widget and a list of
known bugs.

Bugzilla Widget: Presents a Bugzilla user with an overview of their
"Todos". It separates bugs into five categories: to review, to check in, to
nag, to respond, to fix. It appears much like but in
widget form. A user enters his/her bugzilla username and presses enter to
get their Todos. Each bug description in the categories can be clicked,
linking back to the appropriate bugzilla page for the bug.

Sports Widget: Displays the schedule and scores for MSU sports teams.
Currently Men's Football, Men's Basketball, and Woman's Basketball are

Weather Widget: Displays the weather for five user-selected locations. The
user can add, delete, and favorite cities through the "customize" view,
accessible by a button. The widget takes a zip or city name as input to add
a city. Users can delete a city by pressing a red "X" and favorite a city
by pressing an outline of a star. Favoriting a city makes the city appear
in the live icon, which displays an image of the weather and the
temperature in a badge, as well as appearing as the first city in the list.
Only one city at a time can be favorited. Clicking a cities name will link
to a yahoo weather page for the city.

Known Bugs
1. Icons in panel menu do not fit well in the grid
2. While a widget is in the Nav Bar, the widget will not work in new windows
3. (Mac OS X) While a widget is in the Nav Bar, opening the widget after
closing the window (not quitting) and reopening will cause it to appear
4. While the Bugzilla widget is in the Nav Bar, clicking enter when
entering a user name causes the panel to close and for nothing to happen.

Thanks for your time,

Mozilla Capstone Group - Eric Proper, Dan Poggi, Eric Slenk, Dave Thorpe
Michigan State University
mozillamsu at
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