Firefox goals for the rest of 2013

Gavin Sharp gavin at
Sat Nov 9 01:14:13 UTC 2013

For the last quarter of 2013, the Firefox team has not yet gone
through our usual goals defining process.

I'd like to make up for that by proposing a set of goals for the rest
of 2013, bringing us into the new year.

I've worked with Chad Weiner, Johnathan Nightingale, and many members
of the team to come up with this outline of what the desktop team will
be focusing on in roughly the next 2 months.

Most of these items are currently in progress, and shouldn't come as a
surprise to most people who've been paying attention to our recent
work. If there are questions or concerns, I'm happy to elaborate.

These high-level items cover our primary priorities; there will of
course be some work that doesn't fit into these buckets, but it should
be minimal.

* Australis
** Get Australis riding a train to release

* Performance
** Establish prioritized list of most important Places performance
issues, and fix them
** Eliminate login manager main thread I/O (bug 853549)
** Thumbnails: Address critical stability issues with background
thumbnail service, resolve bug 809056 (reduce impact of foreground
** Sessionstore: Measure improvements from completed refactoring work
** Main thread I/O: obtain and prioritize main-thread-IO telemetry
data, assist in chasing down worst offenders in order of user impact

* Sync
** Complete “Milestone 1” of desktop sync client based on Firefox Accounts

* Electrolysis:
** Support (with reviews and code) the work of the e10s team in
eliminating dogfooding blockers for e10s builds


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