Install experience for language packs, language switch?

Axel Hecht axel at
Tue Nov 5 14:40:46 UTC 2013

Hi Blair et al,

we're thinking about streamlining the user experience around language 
packs, and one of the bigger caveats right now is the install experience.

I'd like to offer UI to switch to the newly installed localization. 
Preferably in the "you've installed X" popup.

What do folks think?

The switch would, if chosen, open a new window for each existing one, 
and reparent all tabs, optimally, so that the windows pick up the locale 
change. At least that's what would make sense for Firefox. No idea if 
that applies to metro, thunderbird, webapps.

Blair, is there a hook in the addons manager that we could tie into for 
this? I tried to find one, but failed.

I'd only do this if someone installs a single language pack, to avoid 
having a race when someone boots up with a dozen system installed 
langpacks on linux.

This is separate from adding a UI to the languages pane in the addons 
manager in my book, which is


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