Status of click-to-play plugins in Firefox 24/26

Tetsuharu OHZEKI saneyuki.s.snyk at
Tue Nov 5 01:09:36 UTC 2013

>>   I seem these notification bar is very ugly, if they are
>> shown each time when a page has plugin contents, doesn't it?
> They are shown when a page has *hidden* plugins, yes.
>>   Well, if
>> they are floated (hovered) on the top of a page, they need to trade
>> off between notifying and page visibility for user about that its page
>> has some plugin contents.
> They are standard notification bars; they don't hover over the page, they
> push it down.

OK. it sounds good that they're standard notification bar.

But It may be un-consistency that we use the notification bar for only
the case of "hidden" plugins. How would we resolve it?

>>   Why can't we use doorhanger? Should we use
>> any animated doorhanger's icon?
> This was discussed at length, and it's clear from earlier iterations of the
> CtP UI that the following options are not usable:
> * animated notification icon: most users don't notice
> * notification panel pops up but auto-hides after a few seconds: we would at
> least need animations in order for users to notice, but also it harms users
> who are not paying attention at the right moment or have slow visual
> reactions. There is also no obvious way to dismiss the notification so it
> never happens on again on a site.
> * notification panel pops up and stays up: this doesn't have the right
> balance: it basically prompts users to click 'Allow' just to get back to
> using the page. Also early iterations which used this design showed that
> users were accidentally dismissing the notification by clicking on the page,
> and that it shares the problem of how to dismiss the notification
> permanently when you don't need to use the plugin.

Umm. It's a difficult problem......
For other browsers like chromium or opera (presto times),
click-to-play icons are commonly UI parts like other icons (cookie,
popup-blocking, etc).
Perhaps we need not discriminate between visible plugins and hidden one.
I feel it maybe enough to use icons simply like popup-blocking icon in
Firefox location bar. (The popup-blocking icon is a group as "user may
feel this behavior is very ugly". This meaning share something in some
common point.)

Best regards.

Tetsuharu OHZEKI
saneyuki.s.snyk at

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