Status of click-to-play plugins in Firefox 24/26

Benjamin Smedberg benjamin at
Mon Nov 4 16:16:57 UTC 2013

On 11/1/2013 4:50 PM, Lawrence Mandel wrote:
> Thanks Anthony. I like that this is well documented. What I am really 
> after is have we identified the different patterns of Java usage (with 
> code examples) on the Web and do we know how Firefox behaves once 
> click-to-play is enabled in each of these cases? For ex, do GMail and 
> Yahoo Mail instantiate and interact with Java in the same way? How do 
> we respond on both sites? Lawrence 

As far as I know, neither Gmail nor Yahoo Mail use Java. Google does use 
a non-Flash plugin for hangouts/talk. As I understand the current 
status, it works (via the notificiation icon) but isn't discoverable.

I'm happy to list out the patterns I've seen so far, but I'm not sure 
whether it's actually useful data. The problem is finding the cases we 
*don't* know about. Most of the sites on Anthony's etherpad, for 
example, are the common case of visible plugins.

* Visible plugin, no scripting
* Visible plugin, uses callback or timeout for scripting
* Visible plugin with HTML overlay that prevents activation
* Hidden plugin scripted via callback or timeout
* Hidden plugin scripted immediately but remains in the page
* Hidden plugin scripted immediately and removed on failure

Part of the problem has been that a lot of the usage is hidden behind 
logins; e.g. doesn't appear to use Java on its public 
games/demos, but we are seeing reports of Java usage for users who have 
logged in, but we don't have specific steps to reproduce.


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