Australis schedule update

Justin Dolske dolske at
Fri May 17 01:31:48 UTC 2013

tl;dr: Australis will be landing in Firefox 25 (week of June 24th).

The schedule we've previously been working towards was targeting landing 
Australis "early" in the Firefox 24 cycle. This target was set for two 
main purposes:

1) Land as soon as we met the minimal mozilla-central quality criteria, 
and use the full remainder of the cycle to finish the baseline Australis 

2) Land in the first week or so in order to have a full cycle to shake 
out any "unknown unknowns" that are sure to be discovered, since this is 
a major UI change. A backout would be cumbersome, so we want a high 
degree of confidence that we can ride the train we land in through to 

As the first week of the 24 cycle has approached, it's become clear that 
the amount of remaining work would make landing "early in 24" unwise. If 
we landed late in 24, we'd be scrambling to finish work in Aurora, and 
have no margin to deal with unexpected issues.

So, instead we're going to land in the beginning of the Firefox 25 
cycle, with an Australis that's more refined and polished than had been 
planned to land in 24. A bit later, but it'll make for a much nicer 
first impression.

If you're interested in the gory details of the revised schedule, we're 
laying out new milestones at


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