Speculative pre-connections control preference

Drey drey12 at gmail.com
Thu May 9 09:59:06 UTC 2013


Please reconsider your decision about WONTFIXing bug 814169 - introduce
preference for controlling speculative pre-connections

Rationale for WONTFIX status was given that there is not enough demand for
that feature. However, recent comments & votes in this bug, and article
like this (and it's comments) prove this wrong

Also privacy oriented bundles like Tor can or will use it, i guess.

Mozilla have long been associated with privacy/security, so giving users an
option to control unrequested/automatic connections is essential IMO.

I also think Firefox should honor the pref in the case of the search bar.

Firefox privacy policy and this article http://mzl.la/Mxv856 should also
mention speculative pre-connections.
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