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Jared Wein jwein at
Mon Mar 4 17:39:56 UTC 2013

Hi everyone,

>From a Firefox team meeting last week, it was discussed that it would be nice to send out a biweekly contributor update. The goal of this is to give recognition to those who are helping the Firefox team, bring attention to the amazing work being done, and show the importance of the Mozilla community in the development of our great products.

Below is a list of some of the splendid work that should be recognized:

Bug 356762 	Christian Eyrich 	Firefox doesn't prevent Windows from going into suspend mode while active downloads remain
Bug 381519 	Nikhil Johny    	"Visit Date" should be "Most Recent Visit" in the Library
Bug 548763 	Dave Vasilevsky 	Show download progress in app icon in Mac OS X Dock
Bug 722506 	J. Ryan Stinnett ... 	Style Editor should support @imported stylesheets
Bug 766001 	Girish Sharma [:O... 	In the webconsole, when you click on the filename/line-number of a js-error or message, the debugger should open instead of view source
Bug 767669 	Jonathan Vieyra 	[Developer Toolbar] "pref show prefName" should show the pref name next to the pref value
Bug 796009 	J. Ryan Stinnett ... 	[markup panel] Pressing the left arrow key should close parent if on an already-closed node in markup panel
Bug 801407 	Alfred Kayser    	PDF.js should be themeable.
Bug 806737 	Andres Hernandez ... 	Port test_prompt.html to the new per-window PB APIs
Bug 812762 	Raymond Heldt    	Use &brandShortName; instead of Firefox [gcli]
Bug 814041 	Richard Marti [:P... 	folder pickers have wrong padding and active text color
Bug 817074 	Josiah [:JosiahOne] 	Implement a "swiping" animation when the user presses a back/forward button.
Bug 818584 	Raymond Lee [:ray... 	Discard consecutive duplicate bookmark backups by comparing hashes
Bug 818593 	Raymond Lee [:ray... 	Add file size to bookmarks restore UI
Bug 822200 	Andres Hernandez ... 	Create a module for async JSON backups/restores
Bug 830543 	J. Ryan Stinnett ... 	No padding in the sidebar on pages without stylesheets.
Bug 831693 	Girish Sharma [:O... 	Experiment with auto completion in Inspector Searchbox
Bug 833286 	Yura Zenevich [:y... 	Make sessionstore.js backup atomic
Bug 834543 	Andres Hernandez ... 	make setCharsetForURI and getCharsetForURI asynchronous
Bug 835722 	Girish Sharma [:O... 	Infobar reappears even when not needed.
Bug 835899 	Girish Sharma [:O... 	Web Console autocomplete popup could need some UI love
Bug 835916 	Alex Vincent [:We... 	Add a TreeViews.jsm helper module for XUL trees
Bug 838069 	Girish Sharma [:O... 	Intermittent browser_toolbox_window_shortcuts.js | leaked until shutdown [nsGlobalWindow #9377 about:blank] and 11 more
Bug 840241 	Phil             	The inspector-inspect-toolbutton should toggle between turning on/off the picking mode
Bug 840247 	sinduja ramaraj 	Entering the Inspector from the Web Console should show the <html> and <body> tag expanded
Bug 840678 	Raymond Lee [:ray... 	Use HTTPS instead of HTTP for submissions
Bug 840682 	Raymond Lee [:ray... 	Use HTTPS instead of HTTP in the links to crash reports in about:crashes
Bug 840692 	Raymond Lee [:ray... 	Use HTTPS instead of HTTP for startup pages (startup.homepage_override_url and startup.homepage_welcome_url)
Bug 840699 	Raymond Lee [:ray... 	Use HTTPS instead of HTTP for integration
Bug 840745 	darkowlzz       	default html5 audio/video player controls should facilitate changing playback rate
Bug 841221 	Raymond Lee [:ray... 	Use HTTPS instead of HTTP for manual update link to in Help|About dialog
Bug 845055 	Yosy             	"mimeType is null" in Page Info's makePreview()
Bug 845246 	:Ms2ger          	browser.css uses -moz-border-image
Bug 845516 	Richard Marti [:P... 	Use 2x images for menu checkmarks
Bug 845825 	Archaeopteryx [:a... 	[New tab page] Undo bar: Close button's tooltip not shown
Bug 846019 	Nils Maier [:nmaier] 	Identify and aggregate extensions' compartments in about:memory
Bug 846635 	Raymond Lee [:ray... 	Use asynchronous getCharsetForURI in getShortcutOrURI
Bug 846642 	Ekanan Ketunuti 	Un-prefix border-image from devtools 

A HUUUUUUUGE thanks goes out to those mentioned above*. Thank you for your hard work and contributions towards making the web better for everyone!

*Please contact me if you notice any errors or omissions. This Bugzilla query was used to generate the list:

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