Restore per-each-element click-to-play

Benjamin Smedberg benjamin at
Thu Jun 27 05:12:53 UTC 2013

On 6/26/13 8:28 AM, Tetsuharu OHZEKI wrote:

> The time based permitting will confuses the user. At the expire times,
> user will be thrown into confusion if there is no any explain on when
> user selected a permittion.
There was prior discussion on this list about how to express this to the 
user. I think we're pretty clear that these are the two options that we 
want to present, but the question of the exact wording remains open.
> So I re-propose that we introduce a new pref which actualize
> per-each-element click-to-play. It can avoid the regression. And we
> able to maintain the current behavior which is for all users.
As state before, I oppose a pref because it represents untested UI 
surface and it should not be hard to accomplish this using an extension.
> In this point, it's important that we keep the consistent of user
> interfaces. This is very important.
Given that the current click_to_play UI was always experimental and was 
never exposed to the broader population except when seen through 
vulnerable plugin blocklisting, I do not think that arguments about 
consistency or a regression from prior behavior are useful. We should 
evaluate the current UI based on its merit for most users.


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